LETTER TO MY YOUNGER SELF|| Firi (Firisepiphany)

Hey Hey everyone amd happy weekend. Here is another wonderful contribution to the ongoing series on the blog…. Enjoy. And thank you so much Firi for letting me use this post, its a great one❣

Firi's Epiphany

Dear Tgirl,

Life is a huge pot of beans but there’s good news! JESUS IS THE BREAD OF LIFE. You didn’t have to wait till you felt it was appropriate to serve God. There’s religion and there’s a relationship with Him. He loves you so much and even when you feel He’s far away, He’s by your side cos He said He’ll never leave you nor forsake you and He never lies. He’s so amazing right? Anyways, it’s still great cos you’re still going to have an amazing walk with him.

Yes, you’ll understand how to use twitter one day and you’ll get almost addicted. There’s a huge shocker now. One day you’ll get tired of Facebook. You don’t believe me? You’ll see for yourself. You’ll have more followers on Instagram just relax. It doesn’t even matter so much. No, you don’t need them to validate you. Validation comes from…

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Okay, so summer is here and it's sunny on this side of town😋😋. Schools are concluding their sessions, families are planning their much-anticipated holidays - looking forward to the rest, the sunshine [considering all the cold from the rain - who wouldn't? ] and the fun. After a very tiring school year, I am on …