Hey Lovelies… 

You all can easily contact me via-

Facebook- Ademola Olajumoke 

Twitter- @am_jumoke 



Instagram- @jumii_ee 

Mobile- +2348126509650

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Get in touch with me for things you would want me to post on and other things you would like to contribute or topic you would want me to shed light on…  Am all open…😅❤❤

Your truly…J ❤❤❤


2 Replies to “Contacts ”

  1. I found your blog through Christian Women Bloggers Unite. I am new to blogging, and am enjoying visiting my sisters’ blogs. Yours is personable and has style! I am so happy for you celebrating one year of blogging !! It is an encouragement to me. Also I read your post about “recovery.” I can relate to your with drawl from the world to (as we say here) “lick your wounds.” Yes, we are so blessed that our Father cares through it all and never leaves us.
    from Texas, the USA

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    1. Thanks you reading…… And welcome to the blogging world and I pray you enjoy it just as much as I do…. Do subscribe/follow and anticipate more great posts….


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