The *Awoof* (free gift) popularly known as Salvation.

Whoop Whoop! It’s the weekend. Satisfactory sleep, here I come! Today we will be talking about free stuff, free gifts but not just free gifts in general but the free gift, the ultimate one which never runs out, never expires or ever gets old. I am sure we have at one point or another seen …


LETTER TO MY YOUNGER SELF|| Firi (Firisepiphany)

Hey Hey everyone amd happy weekend. Here is another wonderful contribution to the ongoing series on the blog…. Enjoy. And thank you so much Firi for letting me use this post, its a great one❣

Firi's Epiphany

Dear Tgirl,

Life is a huge pot of beans but there’s good news! JESUS IS THE BREAD OF LIFE. You didn’t have to wait till you felt it was appropriate to serve God. There’s religion and there’s a relationship with Him. He loves you so much and even when you feel He’s far away, He’s by your side cos He said He’ll never leave you nor forsake you and He never lies. He’s so amazing right? Anyways, it’s still great cos you’re still going to have an amazing walk with him.

Yes, you’ll understand how to use twitter one day and you’ll get almost addicted. There’s a huge shocker now. One day you’ll get tired of Facebook. You don’t believe me? You’ll see for yourself. You’ll have more followers on Instagram just relax. It doesn’t even matter so much. No, you don’t need them to validate you. Validation comes from…

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The September Agenda – Jumoke Ademola

The Mosaic World

The school year is right around the corner and there has to be something that we want to leave behind in the last school year, it could be personal or something the entire campus is aware of; a bad rumor, a nasty habit, a bad name, things that you just want to let go and move past from. What happened in the previous session should fade away with the previous session right? You may have been that girl that got accused of stealing, that one guy caught with drugs and alcohol, that one roommate who always kept to herself, or even that one person with no friends. The good news is whatsoever your case may have been, or however hard it may have been, it’s all gone. I’m sure you are wondering, ‘gone?, really?’ , you have got to be kidding me. People don’t forget things! ‘ It’s like the…

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